My last blog post was about Creating a Beautiful Home Office and today I'll zone in on picking the perfect desk, whether you have a home office or not! A desk needs to combine function with good looks.  There's no point have a desk that looks amazing if it doesn't provide the storage and work space you need. It's also miserable having a desk that is adequately functional if you don't take pleasure every single time you sit down to use it. Life is too short!

Antique French Gothic DeskThe Unique Antique DeskIf you love antiques and want a true original in your home office, then an antique desk is a joy to use as it carries so much history. This one is an antique French Gothic desk that we currently have in stock, dating to 1850 and heavily carved in solid oak. It hides a little surprise as the antique Gothic desk has been gently modernized for the 21st century. Someone added a slide-out wooden keyboard tray that blends so well, you'd think it was original!

Vintage French Country DeskThe Vintage French Desk. If you love French Country style and prefer a lighter wood desk, this gorgeous 1950 vintage French Country secretary desk is a great choice. The golden oak is very nicely carved and it's well-sized for today's interiors at just under 3 feet wide. If you want a French Country desk, then features to look for include sweet little cabriole legs, and elegant but simple carvings like the heart-shaped swag on this pull-down desk front.

Scarborough House Partners DeskThe Partners Desk. Sometimes only a very substantial partners desk will do! We now carry antique-inspired furniture by Scarborough House. Their high-quality, hand-crafted pieces include a wide choice of desks like this oval Scarborough House partners desk. The handsome brass handles, crotch mahogany and a leather surface make it an impressive addition to your study, home office or professional office.  If you buy a partners desk, always pick the handsomest and highest quality desk that you can as it will pay you back over the years. A good desk endorses your professional image to clients and business colleagues.

Ambella Home Modesto DeskThe Versatile Desk. If you don't have a home office as such, then you might want a desk that blends in with your living space. This Ambella Home Modesto desk is a good example. The antique-inspired desk features lots of ornate carving detail, a generous desk surface and drawer storage space to keep the room free from clutter. But when you aren't writing at your desk it just looks like a lovely decorative piece of furniture. Pop a bowl of flowers on top to add to the accent table effect!

carborough House Sheraton DeskThe Lots of Nooks and Crannies Desk. Sometimes you don't need tons of storage space but you do want lots of separate compartments to keep everything well organized! This Scarborough House Sheraton Writing Desk is a charming example. Aside from all the drawers and cubbies, the exquisitely crafted crotch mahogany desk looks amazing. The brass handles and leather writing surface make it seem so authentic. I think that Jane Austen would have been at home writing Pride and Prejudice at this desk!

Handpainted desk Jonathan CharlesThe Artist's Desk. If beauty triumphs over all in your home office, then you are probably looking for a highly decorative desk that makes you smile at its craftsmanship. (You'll be happy to keep your documents tucked out of sight in a filing cabinet as long as the desk looks fantastic!) In that case, you have to admire this superb Jonathan Charles desk from the Kensington collection. The French style desk is hand-painted by Jonathan Charles artisans with gold floral detail across the pretty curved apron and legs. A dark leather inlaid writing surface tempts you to stay all day. There is one drawer to keep your favorite pens and essential notes, but this gilded desk is more like a French Haute Couture dress. You buy it for the sheer wicked pleasure of it and because it makes you look so good!

Boy, now I am feeling very bored with my own desk that I'm writing this at! I hope you enjoy picking your perfect desk whatever style you like. Please leave a note in the comment box to tell me YOUR idea of a perfect desk!

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