More time is spent in the bedroom than any room in the home. The mood of the room sets the tone of your day when you wake up, and lets you unwind as you go to sleep. With that in mind, it's important to go all-out on this space's decor! Purchasing an antique bed is an investment to say the least.

Quality bedroom furniture can cost a pretty penny, especially when it comes to the centerpiece: a bed. To avoid the buyer's remorse that can come with such a large purchase, it's important to know what to look for. Fortunately, by the end of this guide, you'll be much better prepared to pick your next favorite piece of bedroom furniture.


1.How to Make Sure Your Antique Bed is Actually Antique

Unfortunately, you can't believe everything you read on the internet. The internet is plagued with bad information and false advertising. Many "antique style" beds are incorrectly listed as antique furniture.

Not that imitations can't be lovely additions to your home, but you want the real thing! There are a few ways you can make sure that your potential bed is an actual antique, and not a fake.

Look for Imperfections

Part of the appeal of antique furniture is that it was made by hand, and not in a factory. The human element behind beautiful craftsmanship is part of the charm. After all, furniture is an art. Whether or not a piece has these human touches can tell you about its history.

Modern and factory made furniture will have perfectly straight edges and virtually no blemishes. We would expect nothing less from a piece made by a robot!

Look for slight curves in the solid wood. If there is variation/inconsistency in the joints of the the furniture, chances are it was made by hand! We always recommend taking a look in person before ordering online, if possible.

A piece that is perfectly symmetrical is also likely to be more recent. Humans are not perfect creatures! Slight asymmetry is generally a dead giveaway that a piece of furniture was crafted by hand.

Varied Wood is Good

It is highly, highly unusual for an antique bed, or any piece of antique furniture for that matter, to be made out of solely one type of wood. Even if a majority of an antique piece is crafted from a solid wood such as mahogany, chances are some joint or support will be crafted from a different type. If you notice that there are multiple woods used, that's a good indicator that you're looking at a genuine antique.


Check the Label

Another good way to determine a piece's age is by a maker's mark. Generally speaking, antique craftsmen would carve some form of signature or number into the wood. Usually, these carvings or stamps are fairly discrete.

Check on the underside or lower edge of the furniture in question. It's also important to remember that these can also be faked, so it's a good idea to check for signs of aging.


2.You Might Need a Custom Mattress

This may come as a surprise, but the standardization of bed sizes is a relatively new development in home decor. Back in the old days, there were no king beds, queen beds, or double beds- there were just beds of all different shapes and sizes. The sizes we're familiar with today originated in the mid-late 20th century.

This makes finding the right mattress more of a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. There are many companies that can provide you with a custom fitted mattress that will suit your specific needs.


3.Match Your Styles

It seems intuitive to match your furniture styles. However, this doesn't mean that every piece of furniture in your bedroom has to be the exact same style in order to provide a cohesive look. This doesn't mean you should randomly try to mix Victorian with Mid-Century Modern furniture, of course. But if you have some Gothic pieces in your bedroom set, you can probably get away with a Chippendale centerpiece, as the 2 are stylistically similar.

You may also need a custom headboard. To learn more about these, you can check out our post about them here!

It's also important to make sure your antique bed's finish matches with the color scheme of the room. Once again, this doesn't need to be a perfect match right down to the color code, but it should at least complement the room's layout.

It's also worth noting that not every piece of furniture in your scheme has to be antique in order to create a cohesive look. There are a wide variety of antique style (not antique) pieces that can blend well with older decor.

4.Take Your Time When Looking for an Antique Bed!

As a final piece of general advice, it's important to remember that the process of buying an antique bed is just that - a process. It's the type of decision that can and should take hours of careful consideration. Whether you're in the market for an antique queen bed frame or a vintage poster bed, patience is a virtue.

Investments of this size deserve caution and research. Take the steps needed to make sure that the bed in question is an actual antique. Look into custom mattresses so that you aren't blindsided by the lack of standardized sizes. Make sure to take into account how one style blends with another.

Remember, not every piece has to be of the exact same style, but it should be pretty close for best results.

Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you'll be on your way to creating the perfect bedroom!

Aimee owns EuroLuxHome with her husband and best friend, Greg. Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.

She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Find us on Facebook or connect with EuroLux on Google+. Or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox.


A tall grandfather clock.

Without superb wall decor in all of the primary living rooms and bedrooms, a house isn't a house. A high-quality timepiece on your nightstand or a desktop clock in your home office can elevate your interior design. It's just not the same telling the time on your phone! New, vintage, and antique clocks in traditional styles provide character and a sense of welcome, with a decorative appeal that is, may we say, ageless.

Of course, they're handy as well, allowing you to quickly glance up and check the time. Some of our most stunning vintage and antique mantel clocks for sale have striking movements that play lovely chimes to create a nostalgic mood.

Each of our pieces, whether a table clock, stylish wall clock, alarm clock, desk clock, farmhouse wall clock with a metal frame, or tabletop clock, adds quality to your home. Perhaps you require black roman numerals on a clock face. These are wonderful pieces of decor, with everything from hour hands to minute hands to glass panels.

To see the process of finding and purchasing these clocks, check out this post about one of our buying trips.

Antique and Vintage Clocks

Antique and vintage gems come and go since they are all one-of-a-kind, so if you see one you like, get it before a collector does! As an example, our collection of magnificent clocks may include a work by the well-known 19th-century German clockmaker Gustav Becker at any given time. Gustav Becker's fine craftsmanship could be seen on anything from modest, clean-lined cases to extravagant, hand-carved items. Consider how nice it would be to have a glass crystal or metal base clock to track exact time.

Polished brass, beveled glass, brushed aluminum, and pewter are among the materials used in some of our clocks. If you prefer a silver-tone look, we also have silver-tone items available. Other timepieces are made of wrought iron and have a distressed finish, making them the center focus of any room. These will allow you to keep track of time in style! Retro, rustic, mid-century, and bezels are among the styles available. All of these timepieces would look great in a dining room, foyer, home office, or even a farmhouse.

A round wall clock

Wooden wall clocks, rustic wall clocks, analog wall clocks, and more variations are also available.

Some of these pieces have huge roman numerals or standard roman numerals for numbers. Other features include arabic numerals, as well as a high-quality whitewash and decoration fit for a gallery wall.

All Sorts of Clock Styles

We have a wide range of styles to choose from. Perhaps you require an antique French, Victorian, or Grandfather clock. Art Nouveau, Mid-Century Modern, and Art Deco clocks, as well as American clocks, are some of the other styles. Perhaps one of our collectible vintage clocks, created by a more current maker, would be of interest to you. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: our French clocks and antique wall pieces will dazzle. We have everything from regulator clocks to antique clocks, gilded bronze bracket clocks, and even a Howard Miller carriage clock.

A clock made from airplane parts.

Perhaps you'll be fascinated by a rare 19th century Rococo antique clock with an elaborate sculpture signed by the renowned manufacturer Nicholas Mueller's Sons. Sculptures are popular on many of our new and antique clocks since they add such a gorgeous touch to a mantel or side table.

Sculpture Clocks and more!

A sculpture of a jockey, a bear, a stag, or a fly fishing reel might be featured in a new design with a traditional feel, making it a great choice for your mountain cabin or lakeside resort. These are specially crafted to order and painstakingly hand-painted with great detail. Delft designs, Art Deco pieces, and old Black Forest cuckoo clocks are among the other selections. Each clock, from the mantle clock to the beautiful table clock, shows exceptional craftsmanship, from the white dial to the felt bottom. Whatever your style, browse our selection of vintage timepieces for sale to find the perfect timepiece for you!


In our inventory, we have a large assortment of bar furniture. We have the items to fit your needs, whether you're searching for a bar table for your dining room or a set of bar stools and a bar cabinet for your home bar. Whatever counter height or material you want, we're sure to have something to suit your needs. You can browse our selection here.

A square kitchen island with boxes for beverages on shelves.
A kitchen island from Hobbs Germany.

Quality Bar Furniture

The bar you select will serve as the focal point of your room. Perhaps you're looking for a brand new walnut wine rack. Maybe a classic piece with chrome would be appropriate for your bar. Or maybe a best-seller, such as our vintage home bar furniture, is exactly what you're looking for. We have everything you need, from a wine bar to a sideboard, a pub table to wine storage. Each countertop is made from the highest-grade materials available. Solid woods like mahogany and oak ensure that your piece will survive for generations. For seating in your bar, you can check out our post here!

An open cabinet with drawers inside. There are wine bottles displayed in the piece.
A bar cabinet from Jonathan Charles.

Metal bars, which have a nostalgic feel, are another choice. A modern bar with a wood finish, on the other hand, might be a better match for your bar tabletop. Regardless of your preference, these items will complement your stemware and other household furniture. Other features include marble tops, matte finishes, and more in some of our other pieces. Each of these design options has the power to improve any room, no matter how big or little.

Bar Carts galore!

We have a large assortment of bar carts to choose from. As a kitchen car or kitchen island, perhaps a retro or circular bar cart is the element you require. Perhaps a metal-framed Mid-Century modern serving cart is more your style. Whatever option you choose, one thing is certain: you will be selecting a functional piece of home decor.

A dark gray cart with wheels on it. The piece has drawers
A barcart perfect for serving guests.

Each bar cart is made with the kind of high-end craftsmanship you'd expect from high-end furniture. We can suit your needs whether you want a piece with a glass top or an acrylic finish. Some of our items include caster wheels, while others have wood shelves or tempered glass. The point is that when you shop at our online store, you have a lot of possibilities.

Simply simply, we have a vast assortment of bar furniture. If you have any questions concerning our products, please do not hesitate to contact our owners. We'd be delighted to put our decades of antiques knowledge to work for you in finding your next favorite piece.


The average person spends more time in his or her bedroom than in any other part of the house. This means that the decor you select for this place is critical!, fortunately for you, recognizes the value of good interior design and has headboards to match! has a large antique headboard to match your full size bed frames, as well as a luxury metal headboard for added stability. There are also king size and smaller beds, iron beds, and other new arrivals. From the headboard to the footboard, each of these solid wood parts is elegantly crafted.

A blue headboard upholstered with soft cloth.
A Howard Elliott headboard.

There are so many different styles to choose from!

Our headboards come in a wide variety of styles. Some of these items are so lovely that you may be tempted to display one in your living room. Upholstered headboards, king headboards, and more items for your king bed are available. The possibilities are practically endless. Some of our bed headboards are antique white, while others are panel or queen headboards with the kind of shabby charm that your Queen Size or California King bed deserves! Are you looking for something to go with your antique brass bed frame? We also have any size headboard available for that purpose. We can provide you with a high-quality twin headboard if you have a twin bed. Georgian, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Chippendale, Rattan, Louis XV, French Country, and other styles are available.

A light blue headboard made from planks of wood.
This headboard was crafted by Trade Winds furniture.

If a single Hollywood Regency or Rattan Headboard isn't enough, we can also put up a complete bedroom set for you. These add a special touch to any room and go well with any mattress base.

High Quality Materials

When making furniture, it's critical to start with high-quality materials. This criterion is met by all of our home decor selections. Antique gold, mahogany, and other beautiful materials are used in several of these items. Each wood headboard is made from the best wood available. Upholstery made of leather or synthetic leather, as well as cloth, is used on several of these items to give extra comfort. You'll be snoozing in luxury if you pair one of our full size headboards or king size headboards with the proper box spring.

A headboard with leather upholstery.
This headboard is part of the Louis collection.

Simply put, you have a plethora of bedroom decorating options. We have everything you need, from vintage-style metal frames to upholstered headboards and even a whole bedroom furniture set. Today, browse our product selection to locate your new favorite piece of furniture! Please do not hesitate to contact our owners if you have any questions. To learn more about antique beds, check out our post here!

Louis XV Bookcase
A Louis XV bookcase from the EuroLux collection.

Our antique furniture collection at includes antique bookcases that are sure to wow. Whether you're seeking to spruce up your living room, dining area, or bedroom, we've got you covered. Each piece of furniture has the ability to change the look of your home. We have almost every style imaginable, from Art Deco to Art Nouveau to French to Gothic to Chippendale to Edwardian to Arts & Crafts to French Country. Each bookshelf boasts fine craftsmanship as well as useful storage shelves. Customers that use armoires to meet this demand are also welcome.

If you enjoy reading, you will appreciate high-quality bookcases. We take satisfaction in assisting you in finding the ideal bookshelf display at

What Kinds of Bookcases Are There?

You have options. Our furniture is made of high-quality wood, such as solid oak. A robust vintage oak bookcase is always a good idea. The same appearance can be achieved with a walnut or mahogany bookcase. Rosewood and satinwood are two other solid woods that have been employed.

Some of these pieces include glass doors with leaded and stained glass to show off your storage capacity while also serving as a showcase cabinet.

On our blog, we highlighted one bookshelf that caught our attention. You can see that post here and see for yourself what a beautiful work of craftsmanship it is!

A Dark Brown, Hunting style bookcase.
A Hunting style bookcase, crafted around 1880.

Bookcases in English Style

Many of our bookshelves are designed in high-end English styles like Victorian, Regency, and Georgian. Many of these were manufactured around 1900 and can add antique elegance to your decor. To learn about bookcases in the French style, check out our post here!

Modernist (Mid-Century)

The Mid-Century Modern style is ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality vintage bookshelf.

Some of our bookcases include adjustable shelves, making them a useful shelving device that can be customized to meet your needs. One of them might be used as a library bookcase or to showcase your favorite arts and crafts.

A reddish brown bookcase
A bookcase crafted in the Brittany style.

Designed to Last

These freestanding furniture pieces are made to endure a lifetime. Each wood bookshelf is constructed from high-quality materials such as antique mahogany, oak, and other hardwoods. These things look fantastic just by looking at the photos. However, durability is also crucial, and this furniture offers that to your room. Imagine how gorgeous it will appear with your book collection or other treasures on display!

Other Bookcase Alternatives

If antique bookshelves aren't your thing and you want something more mid-century or mid-century modern, we also have a large range of vintage bookcases. These are sure to give any room a nostalgic feel. The mid-nineteenth century was an era of superb furniture design, with timeless style that still looks beautiful today. We think these would look wonderful in your home office as a functional piece of office furniture, especially with the open shelves on the vintage design bookshelf. carries Victorian, Antique French, Solid Mahogany, and Oak bookcases to suit your demands. We have everything you need, from étagères to exhibit collectibles to bookshelves cabinets for even more storage.


The John-Richard Collection is full of lovely things.

The furniture, lighting, and home accessories in the John Richard Collection set a new bar for design in the home fashion sector.

Artisanal Furniture for the Home

The lovely collections of artisan-crafted high-end luxury furniture are inspired by cultures and design trends to produce the ideal balance of pioneering design and good customer experience. Tables, chairs, buffets, sideboards, cabinets, chests of drawers, desks, etageres, screens, and panels are just a few of the items created by John-Richard. The John Richard Collection has it all, from accent furniture to case goods.

A dark colored planter with white flowers in it.

A John-Richard History

Since its inception in 1980, John-Richard has established itself as a major name in the world of high-end luxury furniture. These show-stopping pieces' dramatic style statements and richness feel ageless but still extremely current—the it's perfect combination of classic and modern products. The Legend collection's black and gold furniture, for example, mixes elegance with great style and clean lines. For an Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, or modern home design plan, these black and gold items are magnificent.

A sculpture of a tree with gold-colored leaves.
A John-Richard Sculpture

John Richard furniture has a unique style with unexpected touches, making it ideal for your luxury home.

John-Richard has a beautiful range of dining chairs if you're looking to update your dining room. If you want to brighten up the space, we propose installing a light fixture. You can check out our collection of their products here!

Our Favorite John-Richard Products

Stunning John-Richard ceiling fittings include stunning chandeliers and pendants, hand-forged wall sconces, bold table lamps, and floor lamps to complement any décor style. Candle holders are also available from this manufacturer to complement a good dining experience. They also provide a large selection of ceiling fans if you want lighting that serves two purposes.

An upholstered, tan dining chair.

Statues, wall mirrors, vases, planters, candlesticks, bowls, and boxes from the John Richard Art Collection are eye-catching decorative pieces that bring tremendous elegance and refinement to your environment. In addition to botanicals, sculptures, and premium artist-painted canvas wall art and giclee prints, the John Richard art collection is noted for its astonishingly realistic botanicals.
John-Richard can be described in one word. Quality. To learn about one of our other favorite brands, check out our post about Artistica here!

The company takes pleasure in blending modern design with high-quality craftsmanship and showroom appearance. The furniture designers at John-Richard are known for their distinct design sense, which makes a big impression in your living room, dining room, hallway, workplace, or bedroom. The artists and artisans who manufacture and finish the works, paying close attention to detail, continue the creative process.

[related_products] has the home office furniture styles you need, whether you're looking for a bookcase or an office chair. With so many new arrivals, you're sure to discover the home décor you need for your office, no matter how big or little it is.

Furniture for Any Office

A tall, wooden secretary desk

Whether you're seeking for antique furniture or items from the mid-century modern era, our assortment is sure to wow you and your guests. We provide a wide range of secretary and writing desks in a variety of styles. These pieces provide you with a high-quality piece of furniture on which you may work in style. If you want to use it as a computer desk or executive desk, imagine how sleek one of them would look with a monitor or ergonomic keyboard on top. For extra convenience, some of our office desks include a quality hutch.

Desk chairs to match!

We can set you up with a matching desk chair once you've settled on your desk! Some of these pieces swivel, while others may practically pass for dining chairs in your dining room! Some have high-quality upholstery to make the experience more comfortable.

Tables are also available, which can be a terrific addition to your design. Out console tables, for example, could be used to store plants or office supplies. These would also look fantastic in your living room or entryway as an added bonus!

High Quality Office Furniture

We have the pieces you're looking for if you want to make a statement with your furnishings. A bookshelf from our collection could be the ideal accent to your home office desk. These pieces feature well-crafted shelving that may be used to store books as well as collectibles. Storage cabinets, some of which may double as a dresser in your bedroom, are another alternative. Filing cabinets are another option for storage. These file cabinets are ideal for organizing crucial documents in a fashionable manner. For more office decor ideas, check out our post here.

A chest of drawers made from wood, with 4 drawers.

A set of accent tables with an extra tabletop could be a fun addition to this room, making it easier to multitask.

We provide wall art and various designs for your wall decor needs. Area rugs and floor lamps are examples of other decor elements. has a wide selection of home office furniture in a variety of styles. To browse our products, follow this link.


Nothing draws your living room's furniture together like a well-made vintage or antique coffee table. Our antique coffee tables come in a variety of styles to suit any home design; we have something for everyone. From metal to wood, and from glass to marble, we're sure to have something to complement your home. As furniture professionals, we understand that a coffee table does not have to be just that. It could be a cocktail table, side table, end table, or occasional table. It's entirely up to you. features quality furniture for everyone, from the foyer to the living room.

In this post, we'll go over some of our favorite pieces from our collection. 

Our Favorite Coffee Tables

This Jonathan Charles Buckingham table is an absolute delight. This round coffee table features a glass top, and would make an excellent piece of living room furniture. Add in some coasters or a centerpiece and your room will really start to come together! The size of this table makes it an excellent choice for your living space, even if it's a small space. 

A glass coffee table

Howard Elliott Modern Cocktail Table

The Mid-Century Modern vibe of this Howard Elliott table is lovely. Even more lovely is the storage space that this glass coffee table brings! If you're looking for a more modern approach, this piece is a great place to start. 

A glass coffee table with a shelf underneath

Woodbridge Furniture Square Cocktail Table

This square coffee table from Woodbridge furniture provides a sophisticated yet understated air to any home. Notice the quality woodgrain- this is a style that's trending in today's market. A quality minimalist piece of furniture like this brings a certain glam that can blend with a variety of styles. For more on Woodbridge, check out our post here

A wooden coffee table with 4 legs

To browse our selection of coffee tables, check out our page here. Regardless of whether the remainder of the room's decor is antique or not, a quality antique piece will tie the area together. We have the type of product adaptability that fits any style. Solid woods such as oak, walnut, and mahogany are used to create our antique coffee tables. Many of our pieces, such as cabriole legs, have elegantly carved legs. Our hand carved pieces, like all of's antique furniture, are always in exceptional condition and stand the test of time. Other alternatives include regal antique furniture styles appropriate for a king's living room, such as the Louis XVI style. If you're searching for storage as well as décor, we have plenty of items with drawers to bring functionality to your superior design.


This elegant Rococo chest of drawers will complement any decor and exemplify the outstanding decorative appeal of genuine French furniture. The ancient French chest of drawers, which comes from the 1930s and is far too beautiful to be stashed away in a bedroom, will look fantastic in a living room or corridor. It is composed of burled mahogany wood and has a pink marble top. The visual appeal of the two drawers is enhanced by beautiful banding. The chest of drawers' genuine show-stoppers, though, are the brass decorations that emphasize the wood. The beautiful lady brass design is a visual delight. To see a video of this piece, check out our youtube video on it here.

a handle on a rococo chest of drawers

Rococo Design: Ornate and Extravagant

Ornate brass accents adorn the tops of the curved cabriole legs at the front of the chest. The little figures on the drawer handles, as well as the brass head on the chest apron, show excellent details. With a sensuous and luxurious appeal that would improve any design, this is the epitome of Rococo extravagance. The traditional Rococo French chest of drawers offers both efficient storage and beautiful good aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for any traditional French design scheme.

Curves, curves, curves!

On walls, ceilings, and moldings, the Rococo style included elaborate interlacings of curves and countercurves based on the fundamental shapes of the "C" and "S," as well as shell patterns and other natural shapes. Asymmetrical design was the rule. Light pastels, ivory white, and gold were the primary hues, and Rococo decorators commonly used mirrors to emphasize the feeling of open space. It is distinguished by its lightness, grace, and enthusiastic use of curved natural shapes in decorating. Rococo is derived from the French word rocaille, which refers to shell-covered rockwork used to decorate artificial grottoes. To see more furniture with good curves, check out our post here!

the marble top of a chest of drawers

Rococo and more at

One of our favorite ancient French home design styles is antique Rococo. We have a large range of styles at These range from inlaid Art Deco pieces to Louis XVI and Louis XV style pieces with marquetry. Perhaps your home requires a dresser or commode cabinet. Perhaps a late-nineteenth-century Regency piece would be a stylish addition to your home. We specialize in late 19th century antique French furniture, but have plenty of mid-20th century and modern furniture as well. One thing is sure: our interior design choices can provide style to your home. EuroLux has the right items for you, regardless of your preferences.

A tall, wooden Hunting style buffet

Imagine this exquisite antique French Hunting style buffet in your library, home office, corridor, or living room, housing your collection of books while also serving as a lovely ornamental focal point. The antique Renaissance Hunting style buffet/bookcase comes from approximately 1880 and is a genuine import from France. It's beautifully carved and has a lot of interesting features. The lower doors feature a fox on one side and a hunting hound on the other, while the bookcase is constructed of oak with a lovely weathered patina. To see a video of this piece, check out our youtube channel here!

The Hunting Style

This is typical of the classic Hunting style, which dates back to King Francis I of France, who chose to furnish his royal hunting lodges with furnishings that emphasized the hunt's rural setting. The two creatures are sculpted with extraordinary lifelike detail. Because the fur on the dog and the fox appears to wave with the movement of the animals, the carver must have seen a lot of dogs sniffing for the scent! Other carvings include leafy greenery and a shield. Chicken wire is used on the upper two doors to give them a rustic hunting aspect. This lovely 1880 antique French Renaissance Hunting style bookcase has enough storage in the main and lower cabinets, as well as two drawers.

Hunting Buffets are always a great choice!

The carvings on an antique buffet

Nothing adds style to your home quite like an antique buffet or sideboard. Whether it's a marble top Louis XV piece or an antique oak buffet with a hutch, one thing is sure- this type of furniture makes a statement. One of the best things about these is that you can put them anywhere, from the entryway to the dining area. They're great as storage cabinets, allowing you to store linens and other belongings. The fact that so many antique sideboard buffets from the 19th century still exist is a testament to their durability. Whether it's a solid oak, teak, inlaid, or mahogany buffet, you can be assured that these pieces will last a lifetime and then some. There's something for every taste, whether that's Jacobean or Art Nouveau. 

A hunting style buffet with open doors

Hunting Style Furniture at

This antique bookshelf, like many of our antique furniture, was made in the nineteenth century and adds both usefulness and flair to your home design. A well-made vintage wood piece of furniture is always a solid addition to any room. This piece has plenty of storage space, so it might make a terrific solid wood library bookcase. It's possible that you'll be enticed to put its storage shelves in your dining room! We have a large selection of antique furniture styles at We have furniture that exhibits the greatest level of craftsmanship, whether you're looking for Edwardian, George III, French Country, Georgian, Regency, Art Deco, Victorian, French Provincial, or Mid-Century Modern. If the Hunting style intrigues you, check out our post here about a Hunting style bed.