Lighting Tips for Your Home

Lighting can have a bigger impact on a room’s mood than even color or furniture. Those latter two attributes may give you a quick impression of a room’s decor — Victorian, mid-century modern, shabby cottage — but lighting can transform any design scheme from cool to warm literally with the flick of a switch. Whether you’re looking to enhance your dining room, living room or other places, it is important for interior designers to have a plan when it comes to lighting. Fortunately, we’ve got some lighting tips.

Here are some lighting tips for creating mood with your home lighting.

Lighting tip #1: Match your lighting styles

When you choose a light fixture for your home, think not only about where you plan to locate it or the style of your decor. Also think about how the fixture will affect the way the light is displayed within the setting. For example, a large crystal chandelier makes a certain statement in its opulence. But it also tends to scatter bright light, which results in dazzling patterns dancing on the ceiling and walls. You can control the level of this effect by hooking your antique or vintage crystal chandelier up to a dimmer switch. These pieces of overhead lighting are a great way to add ambience to a space, with pendant lights that become the focal point of a room.

Stained glass wall sconces can create extraordinarily warm accent lighting. The results depend on the color of the glass. Enclosed sconces that mount flush against the wall tend to push light back against the wall, allowing only a small amount through the glass. This creates a cozy glow and sense of intimacy. Glitzy reproduction candle sconces, on the other hand, can cast a lot of light into a small area. These fixtures can help brighten large spaces. Quality wall lighting, especially blended with a floor lamp or task lighting, is a must. These lighting options add ambient light to your interior design. As long as your ambient lighting matches your other lighting sources, you’ve got the right setup. Other ways to combine your lighting design with your furniture include cabinet lighting or kitchen island lighting.

Use your furniture to enhance your lighting!

Next lighting tip: make good use of your furniture when creating your lighting plan! Quality light on your bedside table or dining table can create an ambiance over meals. Using your furniture to create quality bedroom lighting and bathroom lighting will take your space to the next level.

Pendant fixtures come in an array of styles. Some of them act like sconces in that they push light toward the ceiling. Some direct light downward through the glass shade. These lights make great fixtures for entryways because they provide enough light to illuminate the darkness but also cast warm shadows onto the ceiling for a welcoming touch.

Our next lighting tip is that you always want to include a variety of light sources within your design scheme. These include up lights that cast light up from the floor, floor and table lamps that illuminate their immediate surroundings, and chandeliers or flush-mount ceiling fixtures that cast light downward. By integrating each type of lighting into your design, you’ll be able to set any mood you desire.

Whether you’re looking for accent lights, ceiling lights, pieces that use incandescent light bulbs and much more, is dedicated to helping you find the right lighting. We can help you match your overhead light with natural light, task lights with track lighting. Let us enhance your dining, bed, and living room lighting!

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