Follow the honey! A new restaurant called Tupelo Honey Cafe opened last month in Greenville, SC, and we helped them out with an unusual addition to their interior decor: an upcycled chandelier!

Tupelo Honey Cafe started out in Asheville, NC, and it has a couple of locations in Tennessee, but the Downtown Greenville restaurant is the first South Carolina location.  The restaurant already has some awesome reviews for their food on Yelp, but we haven't eaten there - yet! The menu offers a fresh twist on Southern food, or as they say: "Fluent Flavor Spoken Here." Sounds like the perfect date night for me and Greg.

TupeloHoney-Cafe-upcycled-chandelierWe helped the restaurant with a custom-made upcycled chandelier created out of a vintage tea service in time for their grand opening. They included the above photo of it on the Tupelo Honey Greenville website. You can't see the detail very well from below, but it is very similar to the one in this photo:

Upcycled chandelier with vintage tea cups.

The upcycled chandeliers at are part of the whole upcycling trend and are custom-made by an artist for us. Upcycling just means taking something old and repurposing it into a new and beautiful object. Each item carries its vintage history into its newly crafted incarnation and, of course, each piece is unique.

Here are some of the other wonderful upcycled chandeliers we have in the gallery. They are all hand-crafted by a very talented artist and can be custom-designed to order.

A Spoondelier! Upcycled chandelier crafted with 360 vintage silverplate spoons This is a custom art spoondelier. It's crafted from 360 vintage silverplate spoons into four tiers in the same style as a classic crystal chandelier. It's a great whimsical touch for a dining room or kitchen, and a sweet addition to shabby vintage decor. It's large too. At 40 inches high you can't miss it and the artisan chandelier will certainly break the ice on conversation at a dinner party. I definitely want a spoondelier for our vintage 1920s bungalow, whenever we finally finish renovations!
Upcycled chandelier with vintage door platesOr does this colorful pendant lamp have the key to my heart? Look closely and you'll see it's made of vintage door plates, complete with keyholes and brass hardware. Once upon a time door plates like these would be consigned to landfill. Thanks to the creativity and vision of the artist they get a new lease on life. I can't help but wonder about the doors these plates originally came from. It opens the door on my imagination!

Upcycled Chandelier made from vintage electrical insulatorsCan you guess what this bar-style light fixture is made from? I had to think twice when I first saw it. It's made from 9 vintage electrical insulators... proving that just about anything can be upcycled deliciously if the artist is clever enough! It's 5 feet long and designed to cast a subtle light over a dining table, bar or even a pool table. This one is shown in Morse blue, but a clear insulator option is also available.

Thanks to our client Tupelo Honey Cafe for inspiring this post... if their food is as good as their taste in decor, we're bound to become loyal customers! For more information on chandeliers and chandelier styles, check out our guide here.

What everyday items would you like to see used to create an upcycled chandelier?

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