Antique religious treasures 1940 French cross

1940 French Standing Cross

As usual in the weeks approaching Easter, a lot of people are getting in touch with us at to ask about our antique religious treasures. Customers are also preparing for Confirmations and First Communions in the spring.

There is something very special about an antique religious object, whether a crucifix, standing cross, holy water font, or a statue of Jesus Christ or the Madonna. It is so moving to see the devotional wear on these exquisite works of holy art.

You can often see where someone has rubbed the religious object with their fingers when praying. As a result, the crucifix or statue has developed that devotional wear over the years. To me, this makes it even more beautiful. It shows that someone has really cared about it and it has played an important part in their spiritual life.

Jesus Christ Sacred Heart Antique religious treasure

Antique Religious Treasure Madonna

The Jesus Christ Sacred Heart statue and the large antique Madonna and Child sculpture are both fine examples of French religious chalkware dating to the 1920s. While browsing European antiques market,  I'm constantly scanning the tables until a crucifix or a Madonna statue catches my eye! I made a beeline for this Madonna at a French antiques market  because of her 17-inch-high size and the pretty white and gold painted finish.

Joan of Arc Antique Religious Treasure

I tend to like very ornate things, so I always enjoy seeing the very Rococo crucifixes or antique religious treasures with saints. This 1900 antique French statue of the Roman Catholic Saint Joan of Arc definitely captured my attention. The Maid of Orleans is a stunning 44 inches high so she's hard to miss! The elaborate detail on the flag fringes, armor, helmet, and draped garments make her a noble figure.

Holy water font The 1940 French vintage holy water font on the right, depicting the Madonna and Child, is also powerful in design. I need to return to France to find some more.

I love this time of year and helping people find just the right devotional object. Of course, I love talking with customers about all our antique furniture too. But I feel honored to be able to connect someone to the antique religious treasure they've been seeking. We are not only adding a unique decorative antique to their home. We're the guardians for a sacred object that has been much loved in the past, and now we help it on its journey to someone else who will treasure it in their own intimate spiritual life. What an amazing privilege!

Do you have a special antique religious treasure? Tell us about it in the comments box below.

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