Verdigris and Rusted Metal Decor

Oxidized iron chandelier

Aged metal including verdigris and rusted metal decor brings a very unique look to a home. Obviously if you leave a piece of metal or glass outside for long enough it will start looked naturally aged, rusted and weathered. But most of us don’t have the patience for that, and also we don’t want to leave a beautiful chandelier or mirror out in the elements! Fortunately, there are lots of options to buy new metal decor and lighting that is already aged for you!

Oxidized iron chandelierThis impressive new 8-arm chandelier made by China WInd is a great example of how convincing rusted metal can look. First, the turned wood center column of the chandelier is hand-painted with rustic gold tones and distressed to create the illusion of age. Then the iron arms holding the electric candles are given an oxidized finish which gives the chandelier a ton of character. The rusted look is very authentic, making this a perfect choice for shabby romantic decor, or a nautical style room.

Chelsea House Erusticated Metal SconceThis erusticated sconce by Chelsea House has a completely different look to the chandelier, but the erusticated metal finish on the acanthus leaf sconce again makes it look as if you found it in a vintage store. In fact, it’s newly crafted by Chelsea House but cleverly weathered. The places where it is worn are exactly the places that would grow worn and erusticated over time.

Scarborough House Frog StatueVerdigris is the term used to describe the bluish-green patina that naturally forms on copper or brass when it has been exposed to the air and moisture over many decades.

Verdigris is a lovely effect that works in all traditional decor styles and it has a charming and homely look to it.

This new Scarborough House frog statue shows just how attractive a verdigris finish can be. The brass statue boasts a verdigris finish on the frog, replicating the green skin of real frogs. The frog is rowing a shoe, of course! This statue is perfect for people who like a little whimsy. The brass shoe doesn’t have a verdigris finish and the contrast with Mr Frog is delightful.
Wildwood Gold Leaf Table LampThis wonderful new Wildwood Lamps table lamp also has a lovely aged metal finish. This is created by aged gold leaf on the lamp base, which is designed as a stylized pineapple. The pineapple was a popular motif in antique French and European furniture, symbolizing wealth and abundance. The aged gold leaf makes the lamp look like an antique even though it is new, and visually it also softens the gold leaf. If the gold were left unaged, then it could look a bit too bright and blingy, couldn’t it? The aged gold leaf gives a very tasteful effect.

Antiqued Sconce Mirror

Finally, I just want to mention antiqued glass in mirrors. When a furniture maker ages the glass in a mirror, it creates a much softer effect, just like the aged gold leaf lamp above.

For example, this new China Wind Antiqued mirror sconce shows just what a little clever aging on the mirror can do! The antiqued mirror is a better match for the distressed gold and blue mirror frame and electric candle holders. It could ruin the overall distressed look if the mirror were too shiny!

But also the antiqued mirror creates a softness that will give a more gentle reflection of the sconce light. The mood is immediately nostalgic and romantic. It’s a perfect piece for a boudoir or a Victorian or Boho hallway.

If you enjoyed this post, then take a look at my other posts in this series on techniques used to create distressed furniture and how furniture makers create weathered furniture to give effects including driftwood, bleached, and weathered paint.

AimeeAvatarAimee owns with her husband and best friend, Greg. Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way. She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Find us on Facebook or connect with EuroLux on Google+. Or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox.

Weathered Furniture for Casual Decor Appeal

Rubbed Paint Sideboard Blue

Weathered furniture looks wonderfully authentic in any beach style decor or coastal cottage. But the relaxed look of weathered furniture can work with any home decor style. It always adds a lived-in charm that looks comfortable, casual, and welcoming. You can hunt around to find vintage furniture that is naturally weathered by the years, but you can also find lots of new weathered furniture in many styles. Kick back and enjoy some inspiration for new weathered furniture crafted with different techniques. These pieces are so convincing, you will believe that they have been naturally aged by the elements!

Painted Weathered Furniture

Rubbed Paint Sideboard BlueThe skillful rubbed finish on this teal blue painted sideboard by Furniture Classics  shows how effective a weathered painted finish can be! The sideboard would look wonderful in a rustic kitchen or dining room, whether it is decorated in a coastal style or with a romantic Boho look, or perhaps in a Mediterranean style. Either way, the sideboard adds a splash of color and tons of character.

Distressed gray carved sconceThe weathered hand-painted finish on this carved wood sconce looks incredible. You could easily believe that the sconce was found in an abandoned castle in the countryside somewhere in Europe.

The carved and hand-painted China Wind sconce is crafted with decadent style, in a charcoal gray finish that will work beautifully in many color schemes.

It is nicely sized at 20 inches high and the hand-painted weathered finish on the carved wood is enhanced by the rusted metal arms.  It’s perfect for a nautical interior design scheme!

Weathered Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Elm Furniture Classics CabinetReclaimed wood is a great choice to give a weathered look as the wood is already naturally weathered and aged.

This Furniture Classics reclaimed elm cabinet  is a perfect example. The reclaimed elm wood looks beautifully aged and weathered as though it has been a family favorite for many years.

The cabinet would look happily at home in any rustic style decor, including Farmhouse style. The metal hardware adds to the sense of substance.

The reclaimed wood with its textured grain would also look great in a Scandinavian style room. It is packed with Hygge appeal – the Danish style that symbolizes homestyle comfort and cosiness. There is no pretentiousness here, just a sturdy cabinet that is easy to live with.


Driftwood finish pine coffee tableAlso crafted in reclaimed wood, this time pine, this new Furniture Classics coffee table            has a driftwood finish that makes it especially great for a coastal cottage or condo. The stripped finish is brushed and then allowed to age in a natural state to get a driftwood effect. Chunky baluster style legs are the perfect complement to the planked table. This reclaimed pine table invites everyone to gather round and relax!

Weathered Bleached and Driftwood Furniture

Weathered Scarborough House Side TableIf you like the driftwood look, then in addition to the reclaimed wood table above, you will admire the weathered driftwood finish on this new Scarborough House pedestal side table. The weathered parchment finish gives a driftwood effect.

The pale distressed patina is so versatile, this side table would work as well in a contemporary room as it would in a more rustic or Farmhouse setting.

I can picture it being a terrific match for your Scandinavian style decor too!


Scarborough House Weathered wood side tableWe also love this other new Scarborough House weathered side table that has a completely different look.

It is crafted with a bleached wood top and lower shelf, creating the weathered effect. It looks like the table has been left out in the sun to naturally age! The rust finish on the metal legs adds to the natural maritime appeal. It’s a lovely table for your rustic cabin or beach house, and we think it would be a nice fit for a conservatory or covered patio area too.

Writing this post makes me look forward to summer even more than I was already! But for any time of year, weathered furniture creates character in a casual home decor scheme. It immediately sends the message: “We care more about living well and enjoying our home, than making sure everything is perfectly pristine!”

AimeeAvatarAimee owns with her husband and best friend, Greg. Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way. She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Find us on Facebook or connect with EuroLux on Google+. Or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox.