Tapestries at Wedmore Place Hotel Williamsburg Winery

European Style Tapestries inspired by antique wall hangingsWedmore Place is a country hotel at the Williamsburg Winery in Virginia. We noticed that some of the tapestries adorning their guest rooms are made by the same company as the tapestries we stock!

Just to rewind a moment, we recently began selling some stunning new tapestries, inspired by formal European tapestries but made by a family-owned American company. The photo on the right gives you an idea of their incredible detail. They also make more casual linen artwork with a Parisian flea market vibe, as well as gorgeous pillows in classic and modern designs.

Apparently the Wedmore Place Country Hotel shares our good taste in tapestries! Located on 300 acres overlooking the James River, in an area known as the Wessex Hundred, the property was once a farm and it was settled in 1615. By 1781, it appeared on military maps.

Wedmore Place HotelThe hotel features wall tapestries in some of its 28 rooms and suites, each room inspired by a different European province and era. The European country estate style hotel is decorated with period European antiques and furniture. Rooms also have wood-burning fireplaces, and fancy European bedding.

Brittany Room Wedmore Place

This new tapestry is the Brittany room, which also boasts an antique French armoire, dough chest, and dresser. I can’t be sure, but I think the pillows on that fabulous carved four-poster bed might be made by the same company as the tapestries – they look similar in style to the ones we have on our EuroLuxHome.com site.

Burgundy wine harvest tapestry

The adjoining Williamsburg Winery was established much more recently, but it’s not surprising that the hotel chose this tapestry for their Burgundy room. It shows a grape harvest in the French wine-growing region of Burgundy. The room’s antique armoire and dresser date from the early 1800s and are from the Chateau de Sauvan. I love the old copper bed warmer over the fireplace.

Wedmore Place at the Williamsburg Winery is located three miles from Historic Williamsburg, VA.  It also offers spa services, a pool, and a 19th century British style library. Sound relaxing, much?

If you like the tapestries, check out our entire collection of tapestries at EuroLuxHome.com. We carry too many to show you them all here, but these are a couple of my favorites:

Palm Landscape Tapestry

Royal Garden tapestry

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Accessorize Your Way to Bliss

Peachy French bistro pillow from T's Eclectic Treasures at Etsy -- EuroLuxAntiques.com
This peachy throw pillow will perfectly accessorize your French bistro set or your cottage style living room. By T’s Eclectic Treasures at Etsy.com.

It’s March, and we’ve been talking about color in interior design. Aside from paint, one of the easiest ways to bring color into your decor is through accessories. We talked about using houseplants as accessories, and today I felt the urge to head over to Etsy, where I can find great handmade home decor accessories. (In case you didn’t know it, we have our own Etsy shop, too!)

Why Accessorize?

The great thing about home decor accessories is you can change them as the mood strikes. Maybe you’re sick of that chintz throw pillow. Maybe you got over your passion for purple and now want to erase all of it from your design scheme. Maybe you want to move your decor in a more contemporary direction — or shift to a more traditional look. Home decor accessories can help you accomplish all of these goals, and do it stylishly and affordably.

This Victorian style wall hanging adds color and style to your BnB or Victorian restoration -- EuroLuxAntiques.com
For your Victorian home or bed-and-breakfast, this charming, handmade wall hanging adds color and reinforces your design scheme. By Autumn Elan at Etsy.com.

Accessorize for Theme

A new, handmade Victorian style wall hanging like the one pictured makes an affordable and attractive way to underscore your Victorian decor. Whether you simply love all things Victorian, or you own a bed and breakfast and need wall art, a piece like this not only brings color to the room but reinforces the design scheme.

Accessorize for Place

Here's a charming crab rug for your beach cottage -- EuroLuxAntiques.com
This charming, upcycled crab rug is made from old t-shirts and would make a fun addition to your beach cottage! By Shore Lake Home at Etsy.com.

You may not want to use a whimsical crab rug at your city house (or then again, you might!), but this charming fellow will put a smile on your face when you visit your beach cottage! Upcycled from old t-shirts and hand painted, this pretty, round rug adds color and is environmentally friendly, to boot.

Accessorize because You Can

Cool, retro cityscape watercolor by Albie Designs -- EuroLuxAntiques.com
Albie Designs paints custom cityscapes in a retro style and will send you a high-quality print for the wall. By albie designs at Etsy.com

Albie Designs will create a watercolor painting of your cityscape and then send you a high-quality print for the wall. I love the cool, retro style of this painting, and look at the beautiful color. What a great way to personalize your space. Albie also does cityscapes of world cities, like Paris, so you can get your France fix, too.

Show us your favorite home decor accessories! What’s got your attention right now? Send us an email, and maybe we’ll feature your swag on the blog!

Aimee owns EuroLuxHome.com with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina.  Connect with or sign up to receive this blog in your inbox!