McKinley Leather: Upholstered Style

A Red sofa from McKinley Furniture

If you’re in the market for new living room furniture such as a sectional sofa, ottoman, or recliner, look no further than McKinley Leather. Their furniture combines hardwood frames with top-tier upholstery to create a collection with pure, showroom quality. 

A dark red sofa with 3 cushions, from McKinley Leather.

McKinley Leather: Family Owned

McKinley Leather is a family-owned and operated business with a 30-year history. Some of these artists have been with them from the company’s inception, from the day it first opened its doors. We believe they have highly trained craftspeople with many years of specific expertise. These artisans are the best in the field and take pride in their work, ensuring that every stitch, tuft, and nail is as perfect as human hands can make it, as well as ensuring that you will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will never be duplicated exactly.

Sassy Cassie Leather

Sassy Cassie is an Aniline Protected Top Grain leather (the top of the line in terms of leathers). This leather is ideal for high-traffic areas, daily use, children, and animal applications. With appropriate maintenance, it should last a long time. This leather should not be cleaned with anything other than a soft cloth and a gentle dusting. You customer can order the right cleaning supplies for Uniters of North America by calling 800-234-8986. We do not recommend applying protection because it is already protected at the Tannery Level. For more information on how to care for your leather upholstered furniture, check this out.

Sturdy Frames

These frames are corner blocked, doweled, stapled, and glued. They  have a limited lifetime warranty, which means that if the frame breaks, an investigation can determine if it is a manufacturing defect or damage caused by the client. The frames are extremely durable. The  furniture is all 8-way hand tied, which means it is tied by human hands rather than a machine. Except for motion pieces, which cannot be 8-way hand tied, all of their furniture comes standard with an 8-way hand tied. Except for the sewing of the leather, all of their furniture is handcrafted from start to finish. No machinery touches the furniture in any way during the manufacturing process. 

Why We Love McKinley Leather

Whether you’re looking for accent chairs, leather chairs, leather sofas or loveseats, you’re bound to be impressed by their high-quality collection. This brand is one of our favorites for a reason- it’s not just quality furniture. It’s CONSISTENT quality furniture. Every part of the creation process is done by hand, and inspected to make sure that each piece reaches the highest standard. We’re big fans of handmade furniture. If you are too and want to read more about some of our favorite pieces, read our post here!

Reupholstered Vintage Sheepbone Chairs

Vintage French Sheepbone Chairs

Vintage French Sheepbone ChairsI love this “Reupholstered in Seattle” story. Greg and I found a set of 24 vintage sheepbone chairs that had been used as conference room chairs in France. The vintage chair set dated to the 1930s and each chair was upholstered in a rather ugly green, red and gold striped velour fabric. We optimistically thought of them as “Christmas chairs!” But the frames were so nicely carved we knew they could find a good home.

We had the chairs shipped from France to America and then we decided to split the set up into two sets of 12 chairs. One set went to a designer in Miami, Florida and the other set went to a designer in Seattle, WA. Obviously the designers could see past the upholstery to the true beauty that lay beneath!

Reupholstered Vintage French  Chairs

Here are photos of how the chairs turned out for Hoedemaker Pfeiffer the Seattle architecture and interior design company that had their set reupholstered.

They are really great in our opinion!

The red upholstery looks terrific against the oak chair frame and the nailhead trim is so striking.

Vintage French Sheepbone Dining ChairsThey are called sheepbone chairs because of the shapely legs.

This style of chair is called ‘os de mouton’ in French, which simply translates as bone of the sheep because it looks like a lamb’s leg.

This photo shows the chairs in the designer’s client’s dining room. That gorgeous long table is also antique and I love the design of the rug.

Between the reupholstered oak sheepbone chairs, the antique table, and the wood paneled walls, this looks like the setting for some very noble dinner gatherings indeed!

Thanks to our customer Holland Stephens at the interior design company Hoedemaker Pfeiffer for sending us the photos. Holland was happy with how the chairs worked out and we are delighted to see them given a makeover and a beautiful new life!

You can see more vintage French Sheepbone chairs in this customer spotlight, which shows how well the vintage chairs fit into a stylish dining room in California!

AimeeAvatarAimee owns with her husband and best friend, Greg. Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way. She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Find us on Facebook or connect with EuroLux on Google+. Or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox.


Stained Glass in Home Decor Accents

Stained glass in home decor window

Some of the ways you can enjoy stained glass in home decor might surprise you, especially if the words “stained glass” immediately make you think of old church windows! Stained glass brings a touch of luminous color into your home, which changes as the light in the room changes. Decorative stained glass designs also create a mood of tradition, luxury, and craftsmanship.

Renaissance or Victorian style rooms are especially suited to incorporating stained glass in home decor accents and furniture. But truth be told, the look can work brilliantly in any interior design scheme.

Stained glass in home decor window

A window is the most obvious way to enjoy stained glass in home decor. Our client George in New Jersey has an original stained glass window in the dining room of the Victorian house that he has restored. We spotted it while delivering the antique 1920 French Renaissance Henry II style oak buffet that you also see in the picture. (See more photos of George’s Victorian restoration home in our earlier post.)

Bathroom stained glass in home decorIf you don’t have an original stained glass window, you can still add one to your home. This elegant window offers a lovely contrast to the ocean-blue tile and copper bath. It creates a bathroom that blends a traditional flavor with a touch of contemporary chic.

Mechelen buffet to add stained glass in home decorArchitectural details aren’t the only way to enjoy stained glass. It’s easy to add a splash of stained glass style if you choose certain styles of antique furniture. This oak Mechelen buffet in our gallery dates to 1900 and it features original red, green and amber stained glass in a decorative floral design on the doors. It’s remarkable to think that this glass was crafted over a century ago! You will often see stained glass details in Mechelen pieces, as you can see in our post: What is Mechelen Style Antique Furniture? 

Stained glass in home decor accents

Lighting offers another way to enjoy stained glass in home decor accents. This Dale Tiffany Amber Monarch wall sconce in our gallery is hand-crafted in art glass. The period-style geometric pattern in welcoming amber tones is nicely set off by a mica bronze finish. It looks like an antique stained glass wall sconce, but with a very modern benefit. You have the option of mounting the shade in two ways. Either uplit, as shown in the picture, or hanging down to shine the light below, perhaps as a reading lamp or in an entryway. The video in our post on Dale Tiffany lamps shows how the artisans craft each piece of stained glass by hand, using the same techniques as the original master glass artist: Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Shower curtain: Stained glass in home decor accentYou can even incorporate the look of stained glass in home decor accessories without using actual stained glass! This shower curtain from Café Press creates a clever illusion of colorful stained glass.

And we love these fabrics printed with stained glass designs by a company called Spoonflower in Durham, North Carolina. They work with different designers and the digital prints are available in various types of fabric from cottons to silks. Stained glass fabrics include graceful Art Nouveau designs, Frank Lloyd Wright styles, and a few that truly are based on old church windows. Some can be ordered in wallpapers, gift wrap, and decals too!

Stained glass in home decor fabricStained glass in home decor fabric
Angels & Ministers of Grace, Defend Us!
Wow! We hope that gives you some food for thought on how you can enjoy stained glass in home decor… without having to buy a church! Do you have any stained glass in your home, either in windows or doors or in decorative accessories? What do you like about it? Tell us in the comments box below.

Aimee owns with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Connect with or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox.

Red Renaissance Dining Room

Renaissance dining room chair

We recently mentioned that our client Susan D. in Metamora, IL, bought a set of twelve dining chairs from us for her Renaissance dining room. In that Antique Chair Upholstery Makeover post, we said we sometimes find vintage or antique chairs with a beautiful frame but the upholstery is worn. These chairs provide a great opportunity to our customers to update the upholstery to suit their own décor and taste. Or they can just reupholster the antique chairs in the original style to give the chairs a new lease on life.

Renaissance dining room chair

Antique Renaissance Dining ChairThis is exactly what Susan did so beautifully with the Renaissance dining room chairs dating to 1900. Seven of the twelve chairs needed new upholstery. As you can see, Susan did a great job and she also bought a vintage chandelier from us. Now she has sent us more photos of her handsome red Renaissance dining room with the chandelier hung and all the finishing touches in place. What a feast for the eyes!

Renaissance Dining Room in our client's homeThe Belgian oak chairs feature regal lion carvings and metal handles and they look terrific around her dining room table. The formal Renaissance dining room looks welcoming and opulent. It’s a wonderful example of décor that evokes the spirit of the original Renaissance Revival style, popular more than a century ago. European nobility and wealthy families loved the classic Renaissance aesthetic that first flourished in 15th century Italy. So they filled their homes with impressive and heavily-carved furniture crafted in that style. That’s how these fine chairs came into creation!

Vintage Hubert Bequet ChandelierThe vintagBequet Chandelier Glass Beadse Hubert Bequet chandelier Susan chose from our collection of vintage lighting suspends over the dining table. Also from Belgium, the 1950 burgundy chandelier fits perfectly with the Renaissance dining room décor. At two feet high and two feet wide, the scale is just right for the dining table. The Bequet chandelier has a sculptural ceramic body and the wine red color, painted with a floral design, looks warm and rich in the red dining room. Each ceramic candle cup on the eight metal arms is adorned with glass beads for a jewel-like effect. Lavish and lovely!

Renaissance Dining Room in our client's homeSusan has decorated her sideboard with a tapestry style runner that enhances the authentic air of the Renaissance dining room. The wine rack, candelabra, pitcher, and punch bowl add more touches of antiquity to the room décor. They are also practical when Susan is entertaining.

Red is a classic choice for dining room décor as it stimulates the appetite and conversation.  Renaissance dining room furniture always inspires a mood of gracious hospitality. By combining the two, Susan has created an inviting room that we are sure will be the venue for many elegant meals.

If you’re tempted by this splendid Renaissance dining room, give in to temptation and browse the selection of antique Renaissance style furniture in our gallery!

Aimee owns with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Connect with or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox!

Antique Chair Upholstery Makeover in Illinois

Antique Chair with Lion Carvings and Handles

We often find vintage or antique chairs on our buying trips that are perfectly gorgeous, but the upholstered seat is showing its age! The seat caning needs to be fixed or the upholstery needs to be replaced. If the chair frame is beautiful quality and in good shape, then we go ahead and buy the chair anyway. We know someone will love to get their hands on it as we often work with customers and interior designers who just know their own taste. They look past the old upholstery or broken caning, and can see that an upholstery makeover will give the antique chair frames a whole new life.

Antique Chair with Lion Carvings and HandlesHere’s a case in point! Our client Susan D. in Metamora, IL purchased a set of twelve Renaissance style chairs from us. The Belgian chairs date to 1900 and feature regal lion carvings and metal handles. The sturdy oak frames were in superb condition, but seven of the twelve chairs needed to be reupholstered. As you can see from the photos, they turned out wonderfully! Susan did a terrific job in having these dining chairs reupholstered to suit her taste. The rich red looks gloriously opulent against the dark oak wood.


Set of 12 Antique Chairs in the Renaissance Style.

Antique Chair 1900 Belgium Renaissance StyleAntique chairs after reupholstery.
By the way, the color red is often recommended for dining rooms, as it is meant to stimulate the appetite – as well as conversation! (For more red inspirations, see our spotlight on Julie and Bruce in Whitmire, SC, who enjoy decorating with red including in the dining room.)

Vintage Hubert Bequet Chandelier. EuroLuxAntiques.comSusan just purchased this lovely vintage chandelier to hang over the dining table and match the red in the chairs. The Belgian chandelier by Hubert Bequet dates to 1950 and I think we can all see that the deep burgundy red of the ceramic body will look fabulous in Susan’s dining room!

Although most of the antique chairs at are in good shape on the upholstery and caning, we almost always have a few that would welcome some TLC. It’s just a fact of life that upholstery wears out when you’re dealing with very old, original antique chairs. But they offer great value for money and give you the chance to add your own style stamp. You can upholster all the chairs the same way, or get creative and design smaller sets: Two sets of six or three sets of four.

If you don’t want to find a specialist to reupholster your chairs, this HGTV DIY tutorial shows How to Re-Cover a Dining Room Chair and Better Homes and Gardens has a Chair Upholstery Step-By-Step Guide.

Aimee owns with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina.  Connect with or sign up to receive this blog in your inbox!