If you're in the market for new living room furniture such as a sectional sofa, ottoman, or recliner, look no further than McKinley Leather. Their furniture combines hardwood frames with top-tier upholstery to create a collection with pure, showroom quality. 

A dark red sofa with 3 cushions, from McKinley Leather.

McKinley Leather: Family Owned

McKinley Leather is a family-owned and operated business with a 30-year history. Some of these artists have been with them from the company's inception, from the day it first opened its doors. We believe they have highly trained craftspeople with many years of specific expertise. These artisans are the best in the field and take pride in their work, ensuring that every stitch, tuft, and nail is as perfect as human hands can make it, as well as ensuring that you will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will never be duplicated exactly.

Sassy Cassie Leather

Sassy Cassie is an Aniline Protected Top Grain leather (the top of the line in terms of leathers). This leather is ideal for high-traffic areas, daily use, children, and animal applications. With appropriate maintenance, it should last a long time. This leather should not be cleaned with anything other than a soft cloth and a gentle dusting. You customer can order the right cleaning supplies for Uniters of North America by calling 800-234-8986. We do not recommend applying protection because it is already protected at the Tannery Level. For more information on how to care for your leather upholstered furniture, check this out.

Sturdy Frames

These frames are corner blocked, doweled, stapled, and glued. They  have a limited lifetime warranty, which means that if the frame breaks, an investigation can determine if it is a manufacturing defect or damage caused by the client. The frames are extremely durable. The  furniture is all 8-way hand tied, which means it is tied by human hands rather than a machine. Except for motion pieces, which cannot be 8-way hand tied, all of their furniture comes standard with an 8-way hand tied. Except for the sewing of the leather, all of their furniture is handcrafted from start to finish. No machinery touches the furniture in any way during the manufacturing process. 

Why We Love McKinley Leather

Whether you're looking for accent chairs, leather chairs, leather sofas or loveseats, you're bound to be impressed by their high-quality collection. This brand is one of our favorites for a reason- it's not just quality furniture. It's CONSISTENT quality furniture. Every part of the creation process is done by hand, and inspected to make sure that each piece reaches the highest standard. We're big fans of handmade furniture. If you are too and want to read more about some of our favorite pieces, read our post here!

Nothing can add comfort and style like a quality upholstered bench. Whether you're in the market for a tufted piece for your living room or a storage bench for entryway, you'll be impressed by the versatility of this furniture type. Picture this scenario: you're having company over, and are trying to figure out seating. You've got a set of chairs that matches with your interior design, but they're too small, or not comfortable enough. A bench with upholstery is a great solution. 

Linen Upholstered Bench

These pieces are generally upholstered with brown or black genuine leather/faux leather. This gives them the ability to blend with all sorts of color schemes and styles. Any style can benefit from more comfort, whether it's Mid-Century Modern or Victorian. You could also consider a storage bench, perfect for making good use of a small space. The cushioned seat of a leather bench allows for more comfort than your standard seating options.

A durable, attractive Upholstered Bench

There's one example of this type of furniture that we couldn't help but mention: this reproduction upholstered bench. There's a lot to love about this piece. One thing we always look for when collection furniture is durability. This bench meets that standard. Its solid wood legs and construction ensure it will last for generations. After all, there's no sense in crafting a lovely upholstery if it isn't supported by a sturdy wood frame. 

Reproduction Upholstered Bench

As you might have noticed, this wood bench is easy on the eyes. We can guarantee that any guest who lays eyes on it will be impressed. The deep black color of the leather was crafted using a technique known as an antique blackwash. Not only is the finish beautiful in its own right, but it also gives you options. A piece like this has the ability to blend with more color schemes than others, so you'll find all sorts of great places to put it! Whether you want an entryway bench, bedroom bench, or even a dining bench, this piece fits the bill. This bench features a leather upholstery on the seat for added comfort, in addition to its durability and beauty. For something similar, check out this King Henry bed bench!

Upholstered Benches Enhance Every Space!

Just imagine how a piece like this could blend with your coffee table, dining room furniture, or other bench seat! You could also consider putting one in your home office, enhancing both your work and home decor. From padded seat cushion to sturdy legs, you'll be impressed by this bench.