French Hunting Style Furniture and Decor

Antique French Carved Henry II Buffet

French Hunting style furniture and decor became popular in the court of King Francis I in the 1500s. Yet four hundred years later, it looks just as good in today’s homes. An impressive yet comfortable and welcoming style of decor, the French Hunting style is a great choice for people who enjoy an elevated rustic look. And no, you don’t have to be a hunter to appreciate this fine craftsmanship.

The Origins of French Hunting Style Furniture and Decor

Antique French Carved Henry II Buffet
Antique French Hunting style buffet in our customer’s home

The French Hunting style was made popular by King Francis I (1515 – 1547) who ruled in France at around the same time as King Henry VIII ruled across the channel in England.

Francis I was a great supporter of the arts, especially Italian Renaissance art and architecture. He even tempted Leonardo da Vinci to move to France to create art in the King’s court! King Francis spent a lot of money building and renovating castles and grand stately homes, including Château Fontainebleau, Château d’Amboise and Château de Blois.

Whatever the king did, the royal court followed. Aristocrats also began building châteaux and hunting lodges in the countryside near Paris in the rural Loire Valley. King Francis established a style of decorating these new buildings in a way that was inspired by the hunt and rural life, as well as noble mythological beasts that reflected the regal power of the monarchy. The aristocrats picked up on the look too, of course, following the taste of their King. Thus the French Hunting style was born. Whether this style is featured on a sideboard, buffet, or any other piece, the charm of this antique French style is truly special.

Antique French Hunting Bed
Antique Hunting style bed in our customer’s home.

Renaissance Revival Hunting Style

Hunting style returned to popularity centuries later in France during the Renaissance Revival era in the late 19th century, when the newly wealthy middle class was keen to buy large, ornate and heavily-carved furniture to show off their rise in status. The Hunting style checked all the boxes, boasting fine craftsmanship in the carved details that was sure to impress. It was a very decorative look adorned with carved foliage, vines and animals, as well as handsome barley twists, yet this ornate style was still practical and comfortable to live with, focusing on dark woods rather than glitzy or gilded finishes.

Antique French Hunting Desk
Antique French Hunting style desk with carved griffins… the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. 

Typical Features of French Hunting Style Furniture

To decorate the interior of aristocratic French chateaux and lodges, Hunting style furniture makers turned to symbols of the hunt to create an interesting theme in these luxurious pieces.

  • Carvings inspired by the hunt included stags, fish, birds, dogs, foxes, rabbits and boars.
  • Carvings of mythical creatures included winged griffins, dragons and serpents.
  • Noble lion heads were also frequently used to adorn furniture, with the carved heads roaring out of the wood. Metal lion heads decorated door or drawer handles on cabinets.
  • Carving of flowing forest foliage such as leaves, berries, acorns, fruits and flowers, or maybe even a barley twist.
  • Decoration in the shape of grapes and vines were also popular, as would be natural in this wine-making region of the Loire valley.
  • Barley twists often frame cabinets or serve as support posts on nightstands, adding more visual texture and design interest.
Antique French Hunting style nightstand
Antique French Hunting nightstand repurposed as a side table in our customer’s home.
  • Dark woods such as walnut, oak, and mahogany are featured strongly, and now boast a beautiful patina on the antique furniture.
  • Warm colors
  • The heavily-carved woods were sometimes enhanced by stained glass in the upper doors of cabinets.

Hunting Style Furniture and Decor in Today’s Homes

French Hunting Style antique furniture is still one of our most popular styles in our online store, proving that you don’t need a fancy chateau or hunting lodge to enjoy the look in your own home! Our customers love these hand-carved antique pieces as they add great warmth, character and decorative appeal to a home.

Victorian Home dining room restoration

The lavish carvings of foliage and fruits brings a noble but rustic look to any home, and makes Hunting style a great match for a dining room. Carved vines often trailed down the backs of dining chairs. Today, Hunting style dining chairs with vines and grapes are a great choice for wine lovers who enjoy opening a great vintage when they host dinner parties. For example, our antique French Hunting chairs in the customer spotlight of our customer Sal’s dining room look amazing with their vines and grapes and also barley twists that create a bold silhouette.

Animal lovers will enjoy the realistic carvings of wild animals of the hunt (deer, moose, etc.) that bring a space to life and add tons of personality to a home. For example, carvings of roaring lions and other beasts are fierce protectors of your home! The animal faces are also sure to be a wonderful talking point at your next party.

The carvings of forest animals are the stars on this round antique French Hunting table, dating to 1880 and hand-crafted in oak wood. The vividly realistic details of the fox, boar, stag and hunting dog, all leaping out of the pedestal, are superb emblems of the royal hunt!

Nature is your muse for smaller home accessories too, including animal statues and figurines, or antler mounts on the walls or in light fittings. You don’t have to buy real stag antlers. Our collection of new OK Casting antler wall mounts are hand-crafted in resin, and each one is made in America. They look very authentic and have a nice weight to them.

We also have OK Casting chandeliers and other light fixtures featuring stags, boars, foxes and other Hunting inspired motifs. Bookends and boxes are other nicely crafted pieces to complete the atmosphere.

Mechelen antique furniture is the Flemish version of French Hunting Style, named for the city of Mechelen in Belgium. These rustic pieces are also heavily-carved with splendid lion heads, human faces and figurines. Our blog post What is Mechelen Style Antique Furniture tells you all about this look, including photos.

You can find French Hunting style antique furniture and home decor in our online store, where there are plenty of options to pick a unique heirloom piece to bring this handsome look to your home.


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Antique French Hunting Style Bed

Erin S. found our website as she was looking for an interesting antique bed for her new home in Colorado. She was moving from Arkansas, so we held the bed for her for a few months until she was ready for us to ship it to her new home.  She also wanted us to convert the Hunting style bed from full size to queen size.

antique French Hunting Bed converted in size

This is the antique French Hunting style bed that Erin chose, lavishly carved in beautifully aged wood and dating to around the year 1900. Antique beds are typically always full size and most of the time will accommodate a standard full-size mattress and box spring set. However, they can be converted to a queen size if the headboard is around 60 inches wide. This one was, so we converted the bed from full size to queen size for Erin.

French Antique Bed Converted in size

Bedroom Decor Done Right

Here is the antique bed in Erin’s home! Isn’t it stunning?  The bed is richly carved including a large medallion on the headboard surrounded by intricate swirls, and French heraldic motifs on the foot board. Chunky barley twist bed posts are crowned with turned finials. Even the side rails boast a striking and heavily textured carved pattern.

Antique French Hunting Bed

I love the rich color combination of red and gold that Erin has chosen to complement the dark oak of the antique Hunting bed and the heavy carvings are right at home in Colorado! The antique screen with a floral print to the right of the bed and the antique trunk beneath are lovely additions to this warm and cozy room. I think Erin will be as snug as a bug during the upcoming winter!

Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely bedroom, Erin. We can tell you have a great design eye and I bet the rest of your new home is shaping up beautifully too.

Hunting Style Luxury

A quality Hunting style bed with the right comforter set would be a great addition to your home decor. The right bedding set with this style will make your bedroom feel like a royal hunting lodge! We like to imagine these pieces with added antler or deer hunting decor. One thing is sure- this is a great decorating idea for your bedroom decor, especially if you like cabin decor! Regardless of which duvet covers, pillowcases, bed sheets and bedspreads you use, this is a high-quality option for your interior design.

Bedroom Furniture at

At, we have a wide variety of antique bedroom furniture available for sale. From Louis XV bed frames to 19th century antique French beds, Rococo king size beds to Victorian and Art Deco beds, we’ve got you covered. The 20th century was a great time in furniture history, and it shows through a wide variety of collectible daybeds, double beds and twin beds.

There is something so special about a full size bed, especially if it uses great techniques such as inlays, upholstery, chaise, or rattan! From carved walnut bedroom sets to brass beds and more, has you covered. If you’d like to learn more about the Hunting style, check out our post here.

Blog readers who like this antique furnishing style can enjoy some more eye candy by checking out our antique French Hunting style furniture, all direct imports from France. Or create a bedroom as beautiful as Erin’s by browsing all our new and antique beds.

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