Rose Napkin Folding

Romantic Napkin Folding Ideas

I’ve been sleuthing out some romantic napkin folding ideas just in time for Valentine’s Day. A napkin folded into a pretty shape is such a lovely idea for your intimate Valentine’s dinner for two. Not only does it add a romantic touch to the table, but the love and thought you put into wrangling I mean crafting the napkin is a surprise gift for your sweetheart. In fact, these napkin folding designs would be charming on any romantic occasion – a special date, a bridal shower, a wedding, or a wedding anniversary.

Rose Napkin FoldingThis sweet rose folded napkin is made even prettier with a blossom decorating the center. The napkin folding idea is from Bumblebee Linens which sells cotton and linen napkins and some delightful vintage style aprons and handkerchiefs too. You can see the full instructions for the rose napkin on their website. They say the fancy design is easier to do than it looks!


This gorgeous heart fold is by Luigi Spotorno, the author of the book Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding.  I guess we can all see the message in this heart-shaped napkin and he shows you how to do the heart fold in the video. If you’d rather, Luigi also has a diagram of how to do the heart fold on his website.

The intricate water lily or lotus napkin fold will really impress your darling. It would also make a great centerpiece for the table any time you are entertaining. The video instructions on how to do it are by Luigi Spotorno again, who describes himself a Maestro of the art of napkin folding. In the video, he gives several variations of flowers you can make on your way to building his final lotus napkin. He makes it look so easy too!

Swan napkin foldingSwans mate for life and it’s hard to find a more beautiful bird to symbolize pure romance. This pair of swans is actually folded from paper napkins as you can see from the Origamisan swan napkin folding instructions.  It might be tricky to do with bulkier linen napkins, but using paper napkins means that you can keep the swans after the romantic meal! (Just have another napkin ready to roll out when dinner is served.)

I haven’t tried any of the napkin folding ideas yet. I hope I’m not all thumbs. In case any of my napkins flop and look more like rabbits than swans, I want to remind my husband Greg to remember what I said earlier about the love and thought put into it. 🙂

And to show us just what is possible with napkin folding, this amazing Renaissance-style sculpture was completely crafted in linen napkins by virtuoso folder Joan Sallas.

Linen Folding ExhibitionThe Spanish napkin-folding genius showed the 5-foot-high display of a fountain with a lion and griffin at his exhibition in Vienna. Wow. Make a gesture like that for your Valentine’s Day dinner and your sweetheart truly will swoon!

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