EuroLux Upcycled Spoondeliers on TrashformersWe were thrilled when a media company emailed us to say that our upcycled chandeliers were being featured on the Trashformers TV show on FYI Networks.

Trashformers stars four designers who are challenged to upcycle all kinds of crazy items. Our Spoondelier chandeliers were shown as an example of innovative upcycled design. Here are several spoondeliers from our selection of upcycled spoon chandeliers:

Upcycled chandelier spoondelier

The spoondeliers are custom-made to order for us by a skilled artisan using vintage silver-plated spoons. This means that each chandelier is unique and you can also tailor the details and number of tiers.

Upcycled chandelier spoondelier 4 tiers

The light through the gleaming spoons creates fantastic shadows on the wall. It's perfect in the dining room for a romantic dinner for two or for a dramatic dinner party.

Teacup vintage spoon chandelier

You can see how the upcycled chandeliers look in our clients' homes in these spoondelier client spotlights. Some are made only from spoons, others use vintage teacups too.

On Trashformers, four designers who are experts in upcycling had only three days to transform a school bus, airplane and ferris wheel into high end, high value products that people might buy. They were guided by host Brooks Atwood who advised on style and construction, and then judged by a panel of retail experts who estimated a value for the upcycled products. The team earning the highest sum of money wins the game!
Here is the trailer to give you a taste of the show, which was broadcast earlier this month.

The designers did a great job of turning trash into treasure, as you can see in these Trashformer video clips. (You can also get access to full episodes at the link if you enter you TV provider.)

Thought Bubble Bus

Challenges included salvaging an old school bus to create new upcycled items. The transformation of an old ferris wheel into a zen-like sculpture as a cool piece of garden art is especially impressive.

Upcycled Guitar

Another challenge involved turning the parts of a broken down plane into high-end products including bags, lamps, and even a guitar.

Some people are so creative and that's why we love stocking the upcycled chandeliers from our artisan friends! Do you enjoy upcycled decor in your home? Tell us about it in the comments.

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