National Cat Day – Meet Pumpkin!

October 29 is National Cat Day so it’s the perfect time to introduce you to our new cat and also share some cute and funny photos of our brood of fur babies!

helpful squiggy

National Cat Day celebrates all cats but it draws attention to the 4 million cats who wind up in shelters each year. We can all help homeless cats find the perfect lap to purr on by adopting cats rather buying them in shops. Or make a donation to a shelter for National Cat Day.

Greg and I have 9 cats and dogs now. (This is Squiggy on the left… he’s always ready for a snuggle!) Because we have so many pets that were strays and rescues we are passionate about supporting our local animal shelter. We donate a portion of every sale from to help homeless pets at Pets Inc., a no-kill animal shelter in Columbia, SC.

Cat that Hurricane Joachmin blew inWhich brings me to my exciting news about the latest fur baby to join the family.  Meet Pumpkin!

Pumpkin turned up after Hurricane Joachim. Greg and I were fine after surviving 18″ of rain in Newberry over one weekend, but our hearts went out to everyone displaced by the devastating floods throughout South Carolina.

In the middle of it all, here’s what Hurricane Joachim blew in! The little tiger cat showed up on our doorstep all wet and bedraggled. I opened the door and she pranced right in as if she knew this was where she belonged. I swear those hobo cats are marking the sidewalk out in front of our gallery.

Another Hobo cat

She soon fell asleep with a full belly. How could we resist?

Pumpkin cat exploring the galleryHere she is exploring the gallery and workshop. At first we thought we might call her Biscuit because she is constantly “making biscuits” and kneading with her paws. But no… Her name turned out to be Pumpkin because she showed up in October.

Pumpkin the catPumpkin is a very sweet puss and you can see how much she is filling out already from being well-fed. But she is really not very helpful with processing invoices!

Evening on the Cat PorchAs our friends on our EuroLux Facebook Page said, Pumpkin has landed in kitty heaven with all her new brothers and sisters, and also our new cat porch to explore.

We often share photos of our cats and dogs on our Facebook page (as well as posts about antiques and home decor 🙂 ) so if you want to keep up-to-date we’d love it if you Liked our page, or follow us on Google+. Here are some photos we posted of the furry family:

Squiggy cat

Squiggy thinks it’s time for me to stop working!

Minkey Cat Stop Working

Then Minkey our Sealpoint Siamese cat joins in. Minkey says: “Look deep into my eyes… You are feeling sleepy… Stop working… Feed me…” 


Meanwhile, Jake is busy taking care of Snuffalupagus – his newest favorite toy. He likes it so much that he has one at work and one at home. 

Dachshund puppies

These dachshund puppies aren’t actually mine – my mom adopted Hansel and Gretel over the summer, so I guess these two cuties are my siblings! 

Cat twinsFinally, our twin cats Lenny and Squiggy strike a pose for National Cat Day. Squiggy (eyes open) and Lenny (cool Clint Eastwood eyes closed) perch on the edge of what will eventually be the two-person shower in our master bathroom.

If you are in the Newberry, South Carolina area, drop in to see us ALL in the EuroLux Home gallery. We don’t mind if your real reason is to see Lenny, Squiggy, Ozzie, Minkey, Roxy, Fozzy, Jake, Rudy, and now Pumpkin. Greg and I are used to it!

(Update a year later: See what Pumpkin’s up to now in my update post: A Tale of Three Cats: Pumpkin Grows Up)

Happy National Cat Day – give your cat a little extra treat to celebrate!

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