Check out how great these photos are from our customer Marie-Louise in Haute-Normandie, France! Marie-Louise bought a vintage teacup and spoon chandelier from us, and now the pretty chandelier graces her kitchen far across the Atlantic ocean.

This is the Teacup vintage spoon chandelierteacup and silver spoon chandelier Marie-Louise chose from our selection of upcycled chandeliers. It's  hand-crafted for us by an artisan using vintage silver plate spoons for each unique creation. The whimsical teacup chandelier  is literally unique as every piece is custom-made using vintage pieces, so each chandelier is slightly different.  People can customize the chandelier further if they want to. For example, by opting for just one tier rather than two.  Vintage teaspoon chandelier in kitchen

The chandelier looks fabulous hanging in Marie-Louise's home in Haute-Normandie, France.  Her vintage kitchen is full of French character and the unusual chandelier adds another dash of personality. The pans hanging over the range look like copper - beautiful! This is such a welcoming and cozy kitchen, it makes me want to pull up a chair at the table and have a good long chat over a croissant and a steaming café au lait. 🙂

vintage silver spoon chandelier in French kitchen

The chandelier is very well traveled. Instead of shipping it directly to France as the duties are quite high, Marie-Louise opted to ship to her second home in Dubai and carry the chandelier back to France on the plane. We think it was worth the effort! The vintage floral designs on the teacups look delightful against Marie-Louise's rose-strewn window blinds.

vintage French kitchen teacup chandelier

The teacup and spoon chandelier (or spoondelier as some people call it!) looks wonderful lit up at night. It has a sculptural effect with every cup and spoon outlined by the light.

Vintage French Kitchen cup and spoon chandelier

This shows a little more of the evening sparkle as the light glints off the vintage silver plate spoons.

Exterior French House vintage kitchen I love that she included the photo of the outside looking in to the kitchen as I couldn't help wondering how charming the outside must be with such a gorgeous vintage kitchen.  Marilou invited us to stop in on our next trip to France - we just might take her up on the gracious offer!

Marie-Louise is not the only customer who has kindly shared photos of the chandelier in her home. There is something about the teacup chandelier that makes everyone want to show it off! Here are some other client spotlights showing custom-made teacup and spoon chandeliers. For more info on chandeliers and chandelier styles, check out our guide here.

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