Brittany Antique Longcase Clock

Antique Brittany Clock

Antique Brittany ClockTick tock, tick tock! A few months have passed since our customer Loren G. in McKinney, TX, sent photos of the antique Brittany clock that she bought from us. Now it’s time to show you Loren’s lovely home where the antique French longcase clock marks the days in style.

This is the French Breton-style grandfather clock, dating to about 1880 or 1900 and crafted in chestnut wood with an elaborately hand-carved case. The gorgeous antique clock shows scenes from daily life in Brittany, France, as is typical of Brittany style antique furniture.

Around the enamel clock face, pressed brass decorative detail depicting bouquets of flowers suggest that it might have been made as a wedding gift for some lucky couple.  Here is the clock in Loren’s house.

French Antique Clock

The pendulum is adorned with glorious sunflowers and the lower door features carved grape leaves, symbolizing joie de vivre and abundant good wishes for the married couple.
I love how authentic it looks against those Belle Epoque style swagged red drapes.

French Antique Grandfather Clock

This photo shows the longcase clock with the other furniture in the room. Loren has done a delightful job in her pairing of the dining table and chairs and the clock, as well as with her perfect choice of accessories. That chandelier! Those candles! And that handsome wood floor too! It provides the perfect backdrop for the space.

The antique French clock strikes the hour and half hour and if you want to hear what the strike sounds like, you can hear it on our YouTube video. It’s only 23 seconds long but we got a bit arty with that video and the French backing music! The clock strike is very pretty.

Antique Clock being packed for transitWhen Loren purchased the antique Brittany clock from us, we crated it very carefully to make sure it arrived safely. This photo shows the packing process. You can see that there was NO WAY we were going to let any harm come to that precious cargo on its way to Texas. I’m only surprised that one of the cats didn’t end up traveling WITH the clock. You know how they are about jumping into any box to make it home!

A big thank you to Loren for sending us photos of this impressive grandfather clock looking so wonderful in its new home.

If you like the Brittany traditional decor style, then browse more of my blog posts about Brittany antique furniture. If you are looking for a clock, you’re sure to find something that will tick with your decor in our selection of antique-inspired, vintage and antique clocks.

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Spring Cleaning Antiques Deals

Greg and I are busy spring cleaning and sorting out some of our older inventory, which means you can pick up some great antiques deals as we cut prices on pieces that are still waiting for a good home! If you’ve had your eye on something you liked, now is the time to mosey on over to and see if we’ve reduced the price. Discounts on selected treasures are mostly around 40% off – sometimes more!

Our spring cleaning antiques deals include furniture, vintage lighting and other smaller items and decorative accents too.

Renaissance buffet in our spring cleaning antiques deals Although spring cleaning usually sounds like a chore, we’re really enjoying sorting through our stock. We always pride ourselves on our good value, but during the 10th anniversary year of our business we’ve got even more excuse to say ‘thank you’ to our cherished customers with some superb antiques deals.

For example, this fine antique French Renaissance Henry II buffet dating to 1900 has been significantly reduced to $2,820. When you consider the price of a modern buffet or serving hutch, we think that this beautifully carved oak antique buffet is a steal! At nearly nine feet high and six feet wide, the large Renaissance style buffet offers tons of serving and storage space, including a full-length plate rack. The swags and floral and medallion carvings on the doors make this a very nicely crafted piece.

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Mueller ClockSmart investors might take note of this very rare antique clock signed by the famous clock manufacturer Nicholas Mueller’s Sons. The intricate antique Rococo clock is dated April 25 1882 on the works and it still runs and strikes the hour too! The highly detailed sculpture of a woman carrying wheat and feeding a lamb is probably the Greek goddess Demeter or the Roman Ceres, both goddesses of the harvest and fertility. We’ve slashed the price of the metal and black marble Nicholas Mueller’s Sons clock to $2,610. I might regret it tomorrow, but for now I’m in spring cleaning frenzy!

Delft and Ceramics antiques dealsI’m even taking a clean sweep to selected antique and vintage Delft, Majolica, and ceramics.  I’ll miss some of these lovely pieces as they are so decorative around the gallery, but I’m consoled by knowing they will brighten someone’s home!

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Aimee owns with her husband, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Connect with or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox.

Things We Love: Our Clients & Art Deco Betty

Art Deco Dog Clock

I appreciate all our loyal customers, including Betty S. in Tallahassee, Florida, who especially likes Art Deco pieces. My previous client spotlight on the Art Deco buffet Betty bought from us showed photos of her cool 1958 home. I also explained that Betty is more than just a long-time customer, she is a friend.

Art Deco Dog Clock Betty’s birthday was in December and she decided to treat herself to a birthday present from She chose this vintage 1930 German ceramic Art Deco mantel clock flanked by two terrier dogs. The Art Deco clock no longer ran, but Betty decided she would set it for 5:00 (as it’s five o’clock somewhere) and call it art!

Art Deco clock in our client's homeBetty placed the clock on top of the Art Deco buffet she purchased from us before. On the left you can see one of her pups looking very curious about what’s going on. (He thinks the photo opp is all about him, right?)

Betty Art Deco Clock 2
Another view of the Art Deco clock and buffet in Betty’s home

I appreciate that Betty keeps coming back time and again to buy herself a little something special. We celebrate our 10th year in business in 2014 and we are very flattered that we have met so many wonderful clients who choose to remain in touch with us. We hear from them periodically and they think of us when they’re looking for their next piece – whether for an antique or for some high-quality new furniture. It means a great deal to hear that we are their “go-to antiques folks” and that they like to share our story with their friends and family. It means we have earned their trust, and that is the cornerstone of our business.

We treasure every client and work hard to make sure every sale is a wonderful experience for our customers. It is not always easy, but that is why many businesses don’t provide excellent customer service these days. Often big box stores or online retailers sell in such large volumes that they don’t go the extra mile to make sure every single sale is right and every single customer is happy. Each transaction is just one of many, many sales that day, so it’s hard to treat each customer as an individual. However, because we are a small family business, we strive to make each and every customer feel special and appreciated – as if they were a guest in our home.

Vintage German Art Deco Regulator Clock
Betty also bought this very pretty German Art Deco Regulator Clock from us before. Fully working!

We are happy to spend as much time as a customer needs to help them find just the right piece. I personally oversee all of the shipping arrangements to make sure that everything gets to where it’s supposed to be. And in the rare event of a mishap or delay, I make sure it is taken care of promptly and professionally. We are proud of our track record. As well as selling directly from our gallery we also sell on Ebay. We have over 3500 unique transactions on Ebay with 100% customer satisfaction in our feedback!

Our many wonderful customers like Betty make our job very satisfying. As I said in the Art Deco buffet post, my relationship with Betty goes back more than 20 years. She was a bit of an angel in my life, encouraging my first study abroad experience in Florence, Italy. That led to me spending much more time in Europe and then launching this European antiques import business with Greg. So we’re delighted to see the new photos of Betty’s Art Deco clock alongside her other Art Deco collectibles. May those two cute dogs on the clock bring her much joy!

Aimee owns with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Connect with or you can sign up here to receive this blog in your inbox.

Vintage Clock Makes Prestigious DC Building Tick

We were thrilled when the acclaimed Washington, DC interior designer Paul Corrie of Paul Corrie Interiors bought a beautiful vintage Louis XV Rococo style shelf clock from We were even more thrilled when Paul featured it in his fabulous design for the entry and lobby spaces of The Dresden, one of Washington’s most prestigious condominium addresses.

This is the piece Paul chose from our selection of vintage clocks.  You can see how ornate it is. The tortoiseshell and brass-colored metal case is decorated with sweet little birds and a woman’s face, and and even the pendulum boasts a gorgeous starburst design. Whether they feature arabic or roman numerals, collectible clocks like this can be a perfect fit for your home decor. A piece like this could also be a great fit as a desk clock, keeping track of time as you work. A timepiece with an antique or vintage style clock face can bring an extra touch of luxury to your home.

The clock dates to the 1950s and as the movement is by the famous German manufacturer Hermle, it still works as good as new with its vintage design. It sounds a pretty double strike too, to help everyone at The Dresden keep their appointments on time! 


Fast forward and here’s the room Paul designed with the clock – you can see it to the left of the fireplace. I love how this classic and simple space is made so striking (forgive my pun) by the vintage and also the fireplace screen, matching the existing wall decor. Just a few special details add a sense of luxury. The tile work is lovely too, and Paul creates yet more visual interest by setting the mirror to one side above the fireplace, breaking up the symmetry. It’s almost like having a mini Big Ben in your home. He’s got a great eye!

Here’s another shot of the same room at The Dresden, although you can’t see the vintage clock from this angle. The layering of cool, neutral tones gives the room an air of elegant distinction, increasing the sense of space and light. The Toile de Jouy fabric on the armchair is delightful, adding a dash of pattern in the otherwise solid and plain colored upholstery. It draws the eye, without making the room too busy.

 Isn’t this an inviting space? Paul makes the setting welcoming with the plumped-up cushions, vases of flowers, and a casual pile of books just waiting for someone to leaf through them. I can picture myself curling up here with a magazine and a cup of tea by this mantel clock! I’d probably find myself reading about Paul Corrie, as his name often crops up in interior design magazines including Traditional Home, Metropolitan Home, and Home & Design.

Although Paul tends towards more contemporary design, he’s also influenced by the classic and very gracious homes in the nation’s capital. He’s been quoted as saying “I always like to pull in simple, timeless furnishings with clean lines” and we can see that in these photos. Who wouldn’t feel at home in these spaces he creates? Paul has recently been selected as the designer for the new DC Center for the LGBT community – yet another feather to add to his cap. Home & Design Magazine called Paul “a rising star” back in 2008, and it looks like his star has well and truly risen!

Aimee owns with her husband and best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way. She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina. Connect with Aimee on Google+ or sign up to receive this blog in your inbox! has a wide variety of vintage and antique clocks available. Whether you’re in the market for a pendulum clock, french clock, digital clock or mantel clock, has the clockworks for you, made by the most skilled of  clockmakers. From Art Deco to Victorian, we’ve got the styles you need.

Neutrals Balance Rich Color in this Successful Design Scheme

Gorgeous Art Deco clock garniture set in marble --

Gorgeous Art Deco clock garniture set in marble --
This gorgeous Art Deco marble clock garniture set provides great contrast against our client’s bold red walls.

We’ve been talking about color during this month of shamrocks. So far, we’ve looked at decorating with houseplants, adding color to your decor with accessories, and how to add warmth and mood to your rooms with natural wood elements.

In today’s client spotlight, we look at color from a different perspective: How you can use neutral accents to complement strong hues on the wall, floor, or in furniture.

Our friend Dave lives in a 19th-century rowhouse, filled with inherited antiques from the 1920s. Luckily, Dave loves that era in general — and Art Deco style in particular.

A bold red room with white accents --
To successfully go bold with color in your interior design, be sure to incorporate plenty of neutral-colored accents.

As you can see, Dave isn’t afraid of color! His bold, red walls really make a statement. But while all that red could be overwhelming, it isn’t. That’s because Dave knows how to use neutrals to balance the vibrant hue of his walls.

Note how the crown molding, mantlepiece, and built-in bookshelves all are painted white. This serves to “cool down” the red and define the shape of the walls — especially the lovely bay window at right. Dave also uses white sheer curtains on the windows to lighten up the space.

More cooling accents come in the form of blue-and-white plates hung on the wall, along with the neutral-colored marble Art Deco clock garniture set Dave purchased from us.

A warm red wall serves to frame a cool, neutral colored marble Art Deco clock garniture set on this mantelpiece --
The red wall almost serves to frame the neutral colored Art Deco clock garniture set on the mantelpiece.

As a stone, marble exerts an intrinsic cooling influence on an interior. In this case, the marble’s tan and taupe colors also work to balance the warmth of the red wall. In fact, the red wall helps highlight the beautiful clock, acting almost as a frame around it.

I love it when people take a fearless approach to color. And this wonderful design scheme by Dave shows you can successfully use even the boldest wall color as long as you tone it down by using neutral accents. Well done!


Aimee owns with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina.  Connect with or sign up to receive this blog in your inbox!

Russell the Antique Clocks Collector in NY

“I suppose my shop is a clever way of financing my love of collecting, repairing and restoring antique clocks,” writes our client Russell, who owns Tick-Tocks Antique Clocks in New York state. “If you have them, I want them and it doesn’t matter how battered they are.”

Russell has shopped with us many times, and so far he has always kept those clocks in his personal collection, which numbers about 25 antique clocks. He says his favorite is this Art Nouveau Mauthe Regulator clock with leaded glass, purchased from our Gallery:

This gorgeous 1920 Art Nouveau Mauthe clock went directly into a clock dealer's personal collection.Russell says he appreciates the high-quality craftsmanship of this era, “It is so beautiful and well made and the case so well preserved. The craftsmanship put into the glass and all the little pieces of trim decorating the clock case really speak to the hard work of the European clock craftsmen from a bygone era.”





Russell’s second-favorite clock comes with quite a story. “I found this 1920 Hansen grandfather clock with an Enfield Westminster chime movement at a hoarder’s house in the town of Athens in upstate New York,” he says. “It had been completely neglected and buried under years of crud and junk in the corner of a house left in complete disarray after the previous owner passed away. The clock sat buried under junk in that empty, unheated house for seven years until I found it and took it home. The movement and case were filled with layers and layers of muck, dead spiders and webbing. Many of the parts of the movement were rusted and seized up.”

Despite the daunting condition of the clock (his wife wouldn’t even let him bring it in the house until he cleaned it up!), Russell took on the restoration project with gusto. “It was a labor of love, but I restored every inch of the clock over the course of a year with the help of a friend, Chris Resch of the Dutchmasters Joinery in Fort Plain, New York. Together we brought this old clock back to the glory it deserved. Now it is the center piece of my living room.”

Antique clock collector Russell of Tick Tocks Antique Clocks found this 1920s grandfather clock in a hoarder's house!Russell says he’s had a love of antique clocks since he was a small boy. While visiting his aunt in Pennsylvania each year, he’d stop by the neighbors’ home. The elderly German couple there would patiently show off their collection of cuckoo clocks, and Russell was bitten by the collecting bug. In fact, he has his own sizable collection of antique cuckoo clocks.


This is just a small sampling of the antique cuckoo clocks owned by one collector we work with.

However, Russell says Art Deco is his favorite era. He has purchased six Art Deco clocks and one Art Nouveau clock from us so far. “I just really have a love for art and design from this period,” he said, going on to add, “I will definitely continue to frequent your shop because you really have an eye for beautiful high quality antique clocks.” We really appreciate hearing that from an expert in the field of antique clocks!

Here are a couple of the Art Deco clocks Russell has purchased from us.

Two of eight Art Nouveau regulator clocks an antique clock expert purchased from us.

In case you’re wondering, Russell spends about 20 minutes winding his clocks every Sunday morning. He runs them in cycles of about a dozen at a time, he says. “Once in a while I run them all at once for kicks, but it gets too loud on the hour when they all chime, and I get annoyed because I like to hear each clock chime,” he laughs.

We’re delighted Russell offered to share his story with us, and equally delighted to have helped him with his antique clock collection!



If you love to collect a particular type of antique and would like us to feature it on the blog, just drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again to Russell for sharing his wonderful story and fabulous photos!

Aimee owns with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina.  Connect with or sign up to receive this blog in your inbox!

Gustav Becker & Antique Wall Clocks

Of the many clock manufacturers in Germany in the 19th century, the name Gustav Becker is recognized as one of the leading producers of high-quality Antique Wall Clocks, as well as a variety of other types of clocks, including mantel clocks, anniversary clocks, and watches.  Gustav Becker (1819 – 1885) learned the clockmaking trade in Austria and Germany, eventually opening a very successful factory in Freiburg, Germany, in 1850.  He was awarded a gold medal recognizing his achievement in clock design, the Medaille d’Or, at a regional Trade Exposition held in 1852.  Gustav Becker quickly incorporated that stamp along with a Gustav Becker mark on the works of his clocks in order to establish his brand.  The Gustav Becker brand of clocks became highly celebrated, winning awards and recognition at trade shows across the world.

Antique Gustav Becker Wall Clocks are synonymous with high quality craftsmanship, as Gustav Becker was able to attract the best clockmakers in Germany to work at his factory.  His clock case designs reflect a wide variety of tastes, from simple, clean lines like the weight driven Antique Gustav Becker Double Vienna Regulator Wall Clock shown above, to highly ornate, hand-carved clocks like the spring-driven Antique Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator Wall Clock shown below.  Just as the consumer public desired heavily carved Renaissance Revival furniture at the turn of the 20th century, there was also a great demand for large and highly decorated Vienna Regulator Wall Clocks.  A rising middle class that had more disposable income than ever before due to the Industrial Revolution wanted to show off their newly found wealth and prosperity, and a beautiful, high quality Gustav Becker Wall Clock was a great way to do just that.

While the founder, Gustav Becker, died in 1885, the Gustav Becker Clock Company continued to manufacture exceptional Regulator Wall Clocks bearing the Gustav Becker brand trademark until 1935, when the competitor, Junghans, purchased the company.  Below is an example of a high-quality, spring-driven Vintage Gustav Becker Wall Clock featuring a striking Art Deco design, which was one of the last Wall Clocks stamped with the Gustav Becker trademark prior to the Junghans buyout.

Gustav Becker clocks are stamped with the easily identified Gustav Becker brand trademark, which did change over time, but always prominently featured an anchor topped with a crown and the initials G and B, as shown in two marks below.

Antique Regulator Wall Clocks with the Gustav Becker brand trademark are more valuable than similar Antique Wall Clocks by other lesser-known German manufacturers and will continue to increase in value as the years go by.  An Antique Gustav Becker Wall Clock would make a wonderful addition to your collection!

 Aimee owns with her best friend, Greg.  Aimee sources amazing antique furniture, vintage lighting, & high-quality reproduction furniture to help her customers decorate their homes in a unique way.  She loves her 8 (you read that right) fuzzy children and is renovating a 1920s bungalow in South Carolina.  Connect with or sign up to receive this blog in your inbox!

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