These new books about vintage French Country style look like great gifts for the holidays! Or treat yourself and your home to a touch of French style... I recommend indulging in a croissant dipped in café au lait while reading these books. It will help you get in the mood, right?

Charles Faudree Country French Legacy

, Bookshelf: French Country Style and DecorCharles Faudree was a wonderful American interior designer based in Tulsa. Just like us he loved everything French - from the landscapes to the architecture and (of course) the stylish decor. Faudree died in 2013 but this book celebrates his legacy as a champion of French Country decor.

Author and photographer Jennifer Jordan shows us a selection of Charles Faudree’s decorating projects - kind of a 'best of French Country by Faudree' compilation! Clients also tell stories about working with him. What a wonderful tribute and great inspiration for all of us who love French Country style in our homes!

New Vintage French Interiors

, Bookshelf: French Country Style and Decor Get tips on how to create French Country style interiors in eclectic and interesting ways by combining vintage and antique French furniture with new and modern pieces. Decor ideas include displays of antique gardening tools across a wall, and other unique touches that lend a home tons of character and charm. The houses in the book connect to their natural environment by featuring earthy tones and natural materials like stone and wood. Author Sébastien Siraudeau has written several other books including Vintage French Interiors and French Country Style at Home, Here he takes us on a fresh new French Country trip!

My Stylish French Girlfriends

, Bookshelf: French Country Style and DecorHere's a glimpse inside a world that I bet many of us would like to try... even if just for a week or two! The author Sharon Santoni-Smith writes the blog My French Country Home about her life in Normandy, France. (Sharon is from England but she moved to France after she married a French man.) In this new book she writes not only about life in rural France but also about the chic tastes of her French girlfriends. She introduces us to 20 French women and takes us into their homes all over the French countryside, from grand chateaux to enchanting French country cottages. The coffee table book with beautiful photos shows how her friends dress, decorate and entertain in true French style.

After all that delightful French Country decor, you can indulge in even more if like. Just check out our own blog posts on French Country style or browse the French Country furniture and decor in our gallery!

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